Fancy a Maccy D’s and a pint of Numbers? Take the Beemer.

Found this article in Marketing magazine quite interesting. The slang names that are given to brands in popular culture.

Lots of alternative variations spring to mind!

Top 20 slang brands


LONDON – McDonald’s may be attempting to trademark its popular slang name, ‘Maccy D’s’, but it isn’t the only multinational to be given a ‘slang brand’ by consumers.


Some marketers have tried to create their own slang brands, such as Pizza Hut (‘The Hut’) and Southern Comfort  with ‘SoCo’, but so far we’ve never heard anyone call it SoCo outside of its TV ads

Here’s Marketing’s Top 20 slang brands. Please suggest your own.

  • American Express / Amex
  • BMW / Beemer
  • Bollinger / Bolly
  • Buckfast tonic (wine) / Buckie
  • Cadillac / Caddy
  • Champagne / Champers
  • Chevrolet / Chevy
  • Facebook / Stalkbook
  • Guardian / Grauniad
  • Heineken / Heinie
  • Jack Daniels / JD
  • Kronenbourg / a pint of numbers ….
  • Marks & Spencer / Marks & Sparks
  • McDonald’s / MaccyD’s
  • NatWest / NatWorst
  • Microsoft / Billysoft
  • Primark /  Primarni
  • Rolex / Rolly
  • EasyJet / Squeezy-Jet
  • Woolworths /  Woolies

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