I heart roadworks

I don’t, of course. Like 99.9% of us, I hate them. Except whilst commuting this week through my home town of Henley, I decided to make an exception. You see, we’ve just finished a spate of roadworks. More pavement improvements, apparently. Initially I was sceptical; after all, how many improvements can one make to a pavement that was only laid one year ago? A month’s worth, it seemed.

I expected the usual ‘delays expected for twice as long as it says on this sign’ and lots of lazy beer-bellied Sun-reading yellow-jacket-hard-hat-wearing types to be swanning about in numbers 3 times as great as that taken to do the job, but on this occasion I was surprised. These guys worked hard, each day, and most extraordinarily of all, with little or no traffic delay. In fact the snake of cars flowed far more freely when they were digging up the roads, than it does now they have finished.

I am normally first in the queue of tutters and moaners when it comes to our jobsworth road maintenance, in fact I’m so obsessive about it I’m starting a website to log their laziness. But credit where credit is due.


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