Mobile replace household devices

Mobiles ‘replace household devices’

  • Mobiles 'replace household devices' Enlarge photo
  • The mobile phone is slowly replacing digital cameras, alarm clocks, calendars and calculators, according to the survey for comparison website

     It found 54% of MP3 owners were more likely to use their phone for personal audio and 92% of those with a landline used their mobile more for calls. Of all the respondents, 21% said they only had a landline because it came with their entertainment bundle.

     Fewer than half (42%) said they did not own a digital camera, but 79% of those respondents said it was because they used their mobile phone instead.

     Among those who did not own a traditional calculator (91%), 82% used the calculator on their phone.

     More than two-thirds (67%) used their phone to log important dates in place of a traditional calendar and 11% estimated they used their phone to go online more regularly than using their PC or laptop.

     A quarter (26%) regularly used a map application on their mobile. However, 81% said they would prefer to use a “proper” satnav device when travelling.

     More than half of those surveyed (55%) said they would prefer to use one main device rather than several for different purposes.

     Neil McHugh, co-founder of, said: “When we carried out a study last year to see if the mobile was replacing the alarm clock, we did speculate that handsets would also threaten other stand-alone devices and it’s now clear from this study that people are starting to use their phones more and more in replacement for cameras, calendars, calculators and even their landline.

     “It is always interesting to watch how trends persist in technology and I’m sure that as phones develop even further, other devices will fall in popularity with consumers. The fact that more than half prefer the idea of having one device to do everything says it all.”


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