Remember when the customer was always right?

Companies will do anything to seduce you into signing up for too-good-to-be-true deals. But once they’ve got you signed, sealed and delivered, they’re often less amorous. Yahoo examines the biggest lies that companies tell consumers – and how many of them are myths, designed to keep us downtrodden and obedient while they focus on giving their next generation of recruits glazed eyes.


What’s in a name?

Naming a new business? Make it mean something. Branding Today provides some pointers on the do’s and don’t’s to ensure success. My personal pet hate is business names that mean nothing – a seemingly random collection of characters placed together to form technical-sounding but ultimately useless syllables.

Will the Hoff come to the HIFF?

For a town of its modest size, Henley sure has a lot going on in summer. I guess it’s because it’s a nice place to visit. A regatta, an arts festival, a fringe festival, a literature festival, a food festival… and now, a film Festival. Here comes the HIFF!

The inaugural Henley International Film Festival kicked off this evening and I must admit it intrigues me. I’m a fan of film, although not an ardent follower of it, and I must admit raising an eyebrow at the idea of Henley fronting up a microcosmic Cannes in my back yard. But having seen the schedule, it does look like there may be one or two little gems in there – and rumour has it, Jude Law in Hotel du Vin to boot. As a copywriter, I’ll pay a visit to hear the scripts alone.

Take a look if you can:

English vodka voted world’s best

As someone who used to work extensively with marketing of beer, wine and spirits, and specifically Absolut, I found this article from the BBC interesting. With the emergence of a plethora of Russian and local market brands, it’s intriguing to know that we lead the world in vodka of all things.