Farewell Mr. Brown

A little something I scribbled down on the bus home. An ode? Hardly. A release of tension? Possibly.

Farewell Mr Brown

While reclining on my sofa
I catch word that his reign is over
From Hadrian’s wall to the cliffs of Dover
England cheers.

Farewell to the unelected
Farewell to the unrespected
Farewell to the vote-ejected
Mister Brown.

He dragged us down from boom to bust
Filled our soldiers with disgust
Let bankers earn the largest crust
Spent it all.

Lies deceit and false pretences
Shrouded under vast expenses
Unapologetic veiled defences
Lost our trust.

Like King Midas in reverse
Every judgement getting worse
Chance of victory in a hearse
All but gone.

Clinging on to number ten
Last to see the moment when
Evening chorus from Big Ben
Signalled the end.

13 years of sleaze and spin
An election that he couldn’t win
Even when he tried to grin
Time for change.


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