What a load of balls

Wrote this while idly waiting for a bus on the eve of the World Cup. Will doubtlessly be writing a revised version over the next week or so. Never expected them to win it but their performances to date have been nothing short of embarrassing.

Twas the night before the World Cup
And all through the house
Every man fit and ready
To neglect his spouse.

A four year wait over
Hope and expectation up
To end 44 years of hurt
And bring home the Cup.

Pundits and plaudits
Critics, fans and press
United in ambition
For England success.

Determination, passion,
Each nation on call.
Rich depth of emotion
Stirred by kicking a ball.

And so to South Africa
A footballing fest
Lions on the savannah
And three on our chest.

Once more on tenterhooks
Whether win or defeat
It’s certain to keep us
On the edge of our seat.

So come on our England
You’ll never walk alone
Fulfil your potential
And bring Jules Rimet home.


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