An ode to Vegas

Long haul flight through the dead of night
To a desert jewel shining so pretty
As wheels hit the sand, we come in to land
Through the neon-encrusted jaws of Sin City.

It fills you with awe. But leave your morals at the door.
It invented the word hedonistic
And at its worst, it’ll empty the purse
Of each gambler and chancer that  risks it.

Great hotels new and old
Each one promising gold
Eden’s serpent around every corner
But thank God as a rule the air con keeps you cool,
Because outside it burns like a sauna!

it’s a well-known tradition that by its own admission
Vegas meals come in Olympic-size portions.
A farm’s worth of meat is the rarest of treats
And the ‘Supergulps’ should come with a caution!

In the state of Nevada they’ve raided the larder
For the finest in meat, fish, and pasta
Each buffet divine – ‘all you can eat’ in your own time
For your waistband it’s certain disaster.

Playground of pretences, a feast for the senses,
Oasis of fun in the sand
Spend your days looking cool in your shades by the pool
And your nights trying to play a good hand.

A city nocturnal, a spirit eternal
With a flauntingly brash sense of style
Whether taking a dip or cruising down the strip
Its exponents are sure to raise a smile.

Nights in the bars, the clubs and the cars
High on excess and elation
By the time you go to bed it has drained all your credit
And drowned you in intoxication.

The entertainment is extensive. The drinks are expensive
A land of opportunism and endeavour
The more you explore, the more you’ll be sure
To build fond memories that last forever.

So farewell desert jewel, you set your own rules
What wonderful magic you gave us
But we’ll be back to find more support  for your line
That what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


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