Hard-to-read fonts are more memorable… apparently.

I’m no designer. My knowledge of fonts extends only in general to the list that appears on Microsoft Word. Don’t know the names, don’t know the preference, but I do sometimes enjoy browsing when I’m starting a new piece of written work.

When you write all day, every day in pretty much one font, its look can get a little dull. So sometimes I look for a font style that’s a little bit different, that marries the nature of the subject I’m writing about, and that gives the reader another reason to be attracted to my text. I only really did this for a bit of fun, to explore the fonts available to me. I always limit my choices to only those fonts that are clearly legible – obviously! But according to this link, I may not need to. Because, apparently, harder-to-read fonts are more memorable to the reader.

I’m off to explore my ‘Wingdings’!



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