Idle banter

D’you know, this occurs to me every year. About this time of year.

I’m in the kitchen making what will be a most welcome tea after an hour spent raking leaves off the damp garden. It’ll taste nice. What isn’t tasting so nice, however, is the juddering sound of an idling car engine on the residential road outside. It’s annoying, it’s pointless, and reminds me of something I always think about at this time of year.

I realise it’s a little colder now. I realise engines need to be on to heat cars. But we’re not sub-zero just yet. There are no icy windscreens or frozen roads. So why oh why the need to leave your car engine running for ten minutes with no one inside?

I’m no environmentalist. I’m not even convinced there is any credence in global warming theory. But I do know that it’s unpleasant for everyone else’ ears and noses to leave an engine running outside their front door, parrticularly when it’s a loud, diesel-fumed chavmobile whose sole purpose is to be showcased to other chavs.

So drivers of Britain, join me in the war against idling. Turn off those stationary engines! Take control of those over-zealous chavs! And make the streets of Britain a quieter place. After all, itks bad enough with the planes already.


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