Don’t quote me on this…

… but this is a rather irritating blog. Not the blog itself, which is a nice idea – but the content, which contains a selection of material that makes the hackles on any copywriter’s back go up. It’s a hall of fame for the misuse of quotation marks – sprinkled liberally about all manner of signs and notices, and never correctly.

See for yourself:


Remembering ‘The Walrus’

To mark the 30th anniversary of John Lennon’s untimely death last week, I thought it would be fitting to revisit this video of an interview with him, recorded by a 14-year-old Beatles fanatic in a hotel room in 1969, and beautifully animated. He met the walrus – see it here:

A sunny disposition

I probably wouldn’t post this (as it’s only really of interest to me) – were it not for the fact that it’s a little ridiculous. I’ve got round to packing away the various sunglasses I bought in Vegas earlier this year. After all, there’s not much cause to wear any of them right now. Only this had made me realise just how many pairs I bought!

The stats: I was in Vegas for 6 days, and bought 8 pairs of sunglasses. Clearly something has gone awry here. There is a sickness at work! Although not a financial one; most of these cost around $10. I’m not sure what caused this spree, but have put it down to my enduring sunny disposition!

Make every word mean something

Couldn’t agree more with this post from John Dodds. Brands should never assume they have the ear of their consumer. Not unless they’ve imprisoned them. No one’s going to read all these words.

Santa Paws

Sorry! For a really awful play on words. But I was made to feel a little cheesy all round last night. Walking back down my street, I was joined by a little furry companion; this loving cat. It followed me all the way from the main road, for the 5 minutes down to my house, keeping me company, getting me on my way. Normally I’d probably not have noticed, but at Christmas these things carry more meaning. Still, it was a nice cat.