The power of speech

This BBC article takes a look at some of the landmark speeches of the 20th Century, and comments on how effective structure of language makes for powerful and memorable rhetoric. I sometimes feel that great speeches are something of a dying art, superceded by internet forums and networking groups; but few media can match a speech for impact.


Blackberry frozen? Try it on Orange!

Fork handles it isn’t, but I enjoyed this intelligent sketch with Ronnie Corbett and Harry Enfield. Interesting how so many electronics brands are named after fruit.

On a personal note

There was some debate in the office the other day as to which person one should write in for which client, across our portfolio. A client had specifically asked for a particular way of addressing their audience and it provoked some debate. Of course, usually it’s pretty clear cut that we write in either the first or third person across almost all written communication; however it was interesting to read this article by way of reference, and think further about writing in the second person too.

A day of numbers

Well, here’s a thing. This is my 100th post on this blog. A little under one year after launching it. So it’s a cause for celebration. A little jig around my living room, laptop aloft. But is anyone noticing? Well, yes, apparently. Because uncannily, this very moment has also just recorded the 2,000th visitor to my blog. A double hoorah and the inclination to throw my laptop in the air with joy! So, technically, that’s 20 new visitors for each new post I write. Sounds OK to me. And certainly reason enough to continue.

Dear/Hello/Hi (delete as appropriate)

The BBC talk here about the changing face of email greetings. Where once ‘Dear’ was considered the introduction of choice for letters the land over, now some fear it is dying out altogether in favour of more casual acquaintance such as ‘Hello’, ‘Hi’ or even non-verbal symbols.

My view is that language should always be laid out to reflect its medium and its audience; in the case of email, ‘Dear”s days may well be numbered.

Don’t make him hurt the unicorn

Norton have taken an interesting creative direction with this spot for their Virus protection programs. It’s a rather entertaining execution featuring an aging but still-slightly-menacing Dolph Lundgren threatening a little My Little Pony-style animated unicorn. I’m not sure whether it works quite as well as the original script intended, but I still found it a more engaging piece of communication that the usual virus protection campaigns.

The Nativity: reborn

I know that Christmas is a dim and distant memory, but I still think it’s worth celebrating this lovely festive viral, depicting the Nativity as it would occur today. Even putting the Yuletide theme to one side, it’s a charming and engaging way to show the impact and diversity of social media on our everyday interactions.

It’s only when I watch things like this that I am reminded how stunningly fast our technology is advancing; impressive though this is, I don’t want our emotional human interactions to be┬áreplaced in the process.