Nude men clock

Granted, it’s a rather suspicious-sounding title for a post. But it’s sweeter and more innocent than it sounds. A rather clever and surprisingly hypnotic design idea for a clock. Click anywhere on its face and the display becomes digital; click again and it reverts to analogue.


All hail the ‘English goddess’

A new ‘English goddess’ has been enshrined to breathe new hope into India’s downtrodden, says this BBC article:

United Kingdom: the 17th biggest drinkers on Earth

Not that I ever doubted it, but now it’s official: the UK consumes the 17th-highest alcohol volume per capita on the planet. According to this recent survey in the Huffington Post, the USA crawls in at only 57th, while Ireland only pip us past the post to 14th. European nations dominate the top 20. The winners: Moldova. By a mile.

View the results.

‘Reply to all’: We’ve all been there

This ad from Bridgestone rather appealed to me. Aired during this year’s Superbowl, it takes an amusing angle on the potential horrors of email, and the dreaded ‘reply to all’ button. Not only is it funny, but it captures very simply the panic-stricken emotions that run through all our heads when we think we’ve circulated something personal to the world.

We’ve all been here:

Photography – from all angles

This is wonderful photography which makes the most of sophisticated 360 degree technology. Use your mouse to move around – in any direction.


Teccy SOS

As Google are inevitably taking over the cyberspace world, it’s nice that they’ve stopped along the way to put this site together. It’s designed to help the staunchest of technophobes to understand the basics of computing, and how to navigate and use their PC. One for parents and grandparents everywhere. As someone whose Mum fits neatly into this category, it rather appeals to me as a welcome aid in my crusade towards parental teccy education!

The slang meisters

I found this article on the history of slang in the English language quite interesting. The fact that we have an entire dictionary dedicated to the recording of slang expressions is a notable achievement. Certainly I have always enjoyed the sheer diversity and entertainment of slang expressions in English; they seem to have a certain power and intensity to them that is not as evident in other languages. I’ve never been quite sure whether this is true, or whether I simply think it is because I am English.

What is true is that we have an unparalleled propensity to invent slang; from my early involvement with the Blackadder TV series and the linguistic genius of Ronnie Barker, The English have retained real creativity when it comes to the introduction of new words to describe people, situations and emotions.

Take a read.