Introducing the ‘Meat Monster’…

Burger King are launching a burger that breaks new boundaries. The ‘Meat Monster’ is coming to Japan and boasts 1,1,60 calories of pure fast food fun. I find Japan a strange launch location; I don’t see them as being big eaters. But I suppose if it was launched anywhere in the West, it would probably provoke heated debate regarding healthy ethics and responsibilities.

Check it out at


Meet Ray

I write copy for Hitachi Data Systems pretty regularly. I also write video scripts from time to time. As a result, I was particularly interested by this video, describing a day in the life of today’s IT infrastructure manager, and how Hitachi can help.

The content might not be relevant to everyone, but the style and language is engaging and I think it would appeal well to its target:

I hate creativity : I love creativity

Here’s a promotional piece created as the opening sequence to the Advertising and Design Club of Canada (ADCC) Awards last year. The film taps into an insight that every creative feels – love for the business when things are going well, and hate when things aren’t.