Great literature knows its place

Great article in The Wall Street Journal charting the endeavours of Andrew Wylie, the renowned American literary agent. His arguments for the longevity of literature in a world succumbing to e-readers makes interesting reading.


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Just go to **@#@*#!!! sleep!!!

This amuses me, but also surprises me. A foul-mouthed book has become a hit with parents with whom it strikes a chord. It centres on the fact that it’s hard to get kids to go to sleep, and mixes the light-hearted, fluffy genre of children’s poetry with the hard-nosed obscenities that are borne of adult frustration.

Check it out.

Who will be my 3,000th visitor?

It’s hanging there. Tantalisingly close. Almost want to reach out and flick it over the line. But I can’t.

The visitor counter for my website is showing 2,998 – and on the verge of another landmark. But whose will be the mighty click that sends it into another millennium? A president or prime minister? A sporting great? A literary genius? A stellar thespian? Well, OK, probably not. I’ll settle for anyone other than a spammer.

Go on…. give it a click!

Torching my house?

Well, the provisional plan for the London 2012 Olympics torch route has been revealed – and it’s coming to my town soon! Or my area, anyway. It stops in Oxford and then in Reading, and the old road connecting the two runs through Henley.

Technically it could even go past the end of my road, which would be something. But these plans are not exact enough to know, yet. Either way, it’ll be something to remember.

London torch route announced