Selling out

On the day of the public sector strikes (which I don’t want to go into here), it seems appropriate that I should document a conversation I had yesterday, which made me wonder how some people hold down jobs at all.

I need new car insurance. Having completed the price comparison website trawl, I phoned Admiral to check their quote with a view to taking up a policy with them. Having checked my details with their sales advisor, we agreed that he would call me back at 12.30pm to run through the necessaries and finalise the policy.

He never did.

I don’t mean he called late, or got my number wrong, or sent an email. I mean he just plain never called.

Which makes me wonder: what kind of company can afford to employ someone who’s so good at sales, he can’t even remember to call a customer who he KNOWS will buy from him? Especially when the customer has researched the quote, confirmed the price, and literally has their credit card in hand ready to make the purchase?

Perhaps I’m misguided. Perhaps Admiral are doing so very well, that they have customers queuing up at their door, jamming their phone lines, ready to empty their bank accounts for the privilege of a precious insurance policy. Maybe they wallpaper their offices with £50 notes, and drink from champagne flutes as they talk to customers on solid gold headsets and platinum PC’s. But last time I looked, the insurance industry was ferociously competitive and tooth ‘n’ nail for every sale.

If the guy was this good with a converted sale, I’d love to see him with a prospect.

And as for my car insurance? Well, I’m glad he never called. I saved £100 on a cheaper policy.



Back to the future


This project by Argentinian photographer, Irina Werning, juxtaposes ‘then and now’ images of the same person – as adults and children.

It’s amazing how little we change.

Rooms with no keys

This is a great idea, if the technology works. Hotels are encouraging guests to do away with their keys and use mobile devices to check into their rooms. I’m all in favour of anything that eliminates the need to stand in check-in queues whilst suffering jetlag. It’s a constructive concept.

Millionaire mathematics

A new survey by the Economist shows how the world’s rich people are distributed. The results are unsurprising: Switzerland has the highest concentration of millionaires, and America the most. Find out where your nation ranks here.


Regatta time again

As a Henley-on-Thames resident, this is a funny time of year. A nice time to live here. On the cusp of the regatta, the tents up and billowing, Americans wandering the streets, oars populating the river, the restaurants more full than usual. It does make for some engaging photography. This twitpic being one of them, showing the competitor tents from the river at dusk. Thanks Regatta Radio.