Reading web pages: the F-shaped pattern

Interesting theory on how people view web pages, and read the information on them:



Grammar without the grind

I’m not the type to boast – and I probably wouldn’t have much to boast about if I was. But I have to say, I’m lucky in that I have a natural ability to spell words correctly. Which is useful, being a writer.

However, if you don’t share my good fortune, you could do a lot worse than use‘s guide to misspelling as a tool to brush up your P’s and Q’s. It makes grammar fun.

The Oatmeal Misspelling Guide




The value of a copywriter: spelled out

If there was still any doubt that using a copywriter adds value to your business, then this recent revelation from the BBC should dispel it. Some people continue to think that they can get great results by cobbling together copy themselves, but the implications are borne out in this article.

If nothing else, it’s about having someone around to check things through properly. Feel free to call me if you don’t know someone already.

Spelling mistakes cost millions