Stop it, Fiat

Positively, categorically, overwhelmingly, my least favourite current TV ad has to be the latest Fiat effort featuring Fernando Alonso. Of course, the idea that Mr. Alonso would choose to drive a Fiat 500 in the first place is laughable, let alone that he would have fun in it. But that doesn’t bother me. After all, he has to earn his Ferrari wages somehow. What appalls me about this execution is its utter laziness. Not only is it dubbed from a presumably Spanish original – my pet advertising hate – but it’s not even dubbed in time, and uses a voice that surely isn’t that of Alonso. I find it offensive. If you’re going to hire a top F1 driver to add gloss to your mundane automobile, don’t then scrimp and save by not bothering to voice it properly. It ends up looking cheap.


See the ad here:

Alonso ad



One thought on “Stop it, Fiat

  1. This advertisement is indeed one of the most puzzling things i’ve seen lately. But isn’t it just reflective of the globally-sensitive car crash that is auto advertising today? BMW’s prestige-free Joy campaign? Renault’s constant about-faces with different brand propositions ( Are we French? Or global? Or just confused)? Alfa’s Guillietta nonsense (‘i am such stuff as dreams are made on’??? No wonder they dropped that). It’s all a bit vorsprung dirk bollocks. Except for Honda. Well done for being consistently passionate about what you do. Especially when it comes to your ads.

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