‘Keep Calm…’ posters actually intensely irritating

I loved this article from The Daily Mash. Initially I was a fan of the ‘Keep Calm’ genre and even celebrated its popularity. But now it seems that anyone who can read and has an English relative is peddling some gutter aberration of the original design. It’s become a bloated sell-out, an insult to the thing that once made it appealing.

And surely it will get even worse with the impending Jubilee.

Therefore – I’ve got to say it.

Keep Calm and Fuck Off.


‘Keep Calm…’ posters actually intensely irritating





Now that’s what I call a goal celebration…

Clever stuff, this. The Surrender Monkeys have got hold of some decent goal celebration footage and made it much, much more entertaining. If we got to see things like this every time someone scored, I might even watch England play. Occasionally.

See some serious celebrating.




Accommodating Americanisms

This story from The Economist resonated with me. I spend a fair bit of time in the US and it’s surprisingly easy to pick up their linguistic nuances! Here’s a few examples of what I mean.





The irresistible infographic

When I first started viewing infographics, I wasn’t sure I liked them. They looked a bit like a mathematician had thrown up on a bookmark. Stats, numbers, graphs and pie charts everywhere, and eagle-eyed vision needed to make any sense of them. However, since then I’ve warmed to the medium, as a fast, efficient way of conveying a large amount of usually quite interesting information.

The communications agency Milestone felt the same way when they wrote this attached blog post: