The return of ED-209

Brilliantly opportunistic idea from The Daily Mash. Anyone who remembers Robocop will enjoy this!




Proof that Britain is lazy

It’s been in the news today… inactivity is as unhealthy for you as smoking. I’m sure this is probably true, even though it’s bound to be replaced by another ‘bad health’ fad next month.


What is worrying, are these statistics from The Economist magazine regarding activity amongst nations across the globe. By their reckoning, Britain ranks pretty low down for activity, across males and females. Time to get off that couch, or die.



Welcome to Brewster

OK. This sounds interesting. A new app that merges your various social media contacts together but in a convenient way. Like most people, I’ve got some Facebook friends, some Twitter followers, some LinkedIn business contacts and a shedload of iPhone names and numbers – but I don’t have the whole picture for more than a few people. It’s more a disorganised list of names, numbers, email addresses, photos and statuses. But what if something could combine them all for me? It sounds like this is what Brewster can do.

Going to vread more about this…


Introducing Brewster