Branding: Zombie Apocalypse-style

This AdWeek article gave me food for thought (no pun intended). It shared a few famous American logos, redesigned for the Zombie Apocalypse. It reminded me of something that I’ve noted during my stay in America: the emphasis on Hallowe’en. In the UK we celebrate for a night, and probably only then if we have kids. For these guys, it’s a month-long event. Shops and supermarkets bristle with scary merchandise, and the efforts that go into outfits are unprecedented. It’s a full-on celebration of the magical and macabre, in houses and on street-corners throughout every town.


This made me wonder what other brands could undergo the Zombie treatment, and reminded me of the continuing allure of the half-dead genre.





The internet? Yeah, whatever…

I caught sight of this old tabloid press article the other day, charting some British chap’s discovery of some new-fangled thing called the Internet, whatever that was. Well, of course, it never took off.


Same sandwich, different day

This article from The Guardian struck a chord with me. I’m a sandwich lover. In fact, I’m more a sandwich addict. I’m not sure I can remember the last time I went a day without bread. Or ham. Or cheese. Or all three together, under one roof.

As such, I can relate to pretty much every word of this. I do eat the same sandwich every day. The staple diet. I work from home a fair bit and that makes the habit even more prevalent. A number of reasons for this repetition are postulated here, but for me it’s simple: I’m busy, and it’s easier to make something I know I like, and don’t have to think about. What a terribly sad, 21st Century technology answer. But the repetitive sandwich is testament to our work/life balance today. And it makes proper meals taste all the more sweet.