My type of type map

My Facebook feed can range from inspirational page links to irrelevant, pointless updates – a variety I’m sure you’re equally familiar with. I’m pleased to say that this map was an example of the former. It was designed and received from an old friend of mine, who now lives in Bali (his artistic talent isn’t the only thing I envy!).


I’ve seen this idea executed in a couple of other places, but I particularly like this treatment of type to define our world.



Branding: Zombie Apocalypse-style

This AdWeek article gave me food for thought (no pun intended). It shared a few famous American logos, redesigned for the Zombie Apocalypse. It reminded me of something that I’ve noted during my stay in America: the emphasis on Hallowe’en. In the UK we celebrate for a night, and probably only then if we have kids. For these guys, it’s a month-long event. Shops and supermarkets bristle with scary merchandise, and the efforts that go into outfits are unprecedented. It’s a full-on celebration of the magical and macabre, in houses and on street-corners throughout every town.


This made me wonder what other brands could undergo the Zombie treatment, and reminded me of the continuing allure of the half-dead genre.