The world’s most in-demand employers: by LinkedIn

This infographic is of particular interest to me, as someone who spends their working life between South-East England and the US West Coast. According to a study by LinkedIn, and based on the data of job seekers within their network, the most desirable location in the world to seek work is San Francisco. This isn’t surprising given the burgeoning success of the Tech sector. It’s backed up by a strong showing from the UK, which leads Europe in terms of desirability and opportunity.


On the face of it, things look rosy for me as a freelance Technology copywriter. But with desirability of course, comes intense competition – so I’ll continue to do the best job I can for all those I work with.
If you’re looking for copywriting support within the Technology sector, at home or abroad, please give me a call!



Stealing good grammar

Orange 3G


I came across this Orange 3G ad, courtesy of my old buddy Mark Schulz. What an abomination. You’d think Orange would know better. Or at least have the money to hire someone who would. One simple word. Stationary. Should be an ‘e’ in that, instead of a second ‘a’. I’m sure tube travellers already suffer enough without having to endure sub-standard grammar.