The internet? Yeah, whatever…

I caught sight of this old tabloid press article the other day, charting some British chap’s discovery of some new-fangled thing called the Internet, whatever that was. Well, of course, it never took off.



Bond Bravado

This study from The Economist throws up a few surprises. It rates the current and previous James Bonds by the things they do best: drink, womanise, and kill. The results are surprising – or at least, I thought so. Pierce Brosnan looks to have used his 007 licence particularly prolifically…


Colour code your phone stress

I’m not too sure this is a good idea. Not for me, anyway. I tend to get more stressed when I don’t know the outcome of things. I don’t like surprises. I’d rather hear the outcome and deal with the consequences.

That’s why I’m not sure how I feel about these proposals for colour coding mobile phone messages based on expected stress.

The irresistible infographic

When I first started viewing infographics, I wasn’t sure I liked them. They looked a bit like a mathematician had thrown up on a bookmark. Stats, numbers, graphs and pie charts everywhere, and eagle-eyed vision needed to make any sense of them. However, since then I’ve warmed to the medium, as a fast, efficient way of conveying a large amount of usually quite interesting information.

The communications agency Milestone felt the same way when they wrote this attached blog post:,RZ7D,6D2KUU,29PTL,1