The magnificent Crane Melon

I’m lucky enough to be spending a couple of months in Sonoma County, California – a mecca of food, drink and scenery. What’s more, it’s harvest time here, which gives me the opportunity to sample many local delights – from sumptuous fruit to fresh dairy produce to palate-burstingly delicious wines. It’s a hard life!


One of the most wonderful of these discoveries has been the Crane Melon. I’d heard a lot of good things, but although I’ve been here several times before, it’s never been in season during my stay. Last week I finally managed to eat one. Everything they say is true! Sure, it’s full of flavour and freshness, but what really got me is how refreshing the fruit is. Also, you can eat a lot (!) and feel all the better for it.


If you’re ever in Sonoma County, make sure you get your hands on one. You’ll find them at the Crane Melon Barn on Petaluma Hill Road.


Happy eating!


Foot news


This is my foot. Yesterday. It’s succumbed to a mystery swelling. Sprained? Probably. Fractured? Possibly. All I know is, it hurts. A lot. Still, at least my work is sedentary.

Proof that Britain is lazy

It’s been in the news today… inactivity is as unhealthy for you as smoking. I’m sure this is probably true, even though it’s bound to be replaced by another ‘bad health’ fad next month.


What is worrying, are these statistics from The Economist magazine regarding activity amongst nations across the globe. By their reckoning, Britain ranks pretty low down for activity, across males and females. Time to get off that couch, or die.