Barmy over Britishisms

As someone currently residing in the United States, and with the promise of another televised Presidential debate hanging in the offing, this article was a well-timed observation. According to the New York Times, Americans are going barmy over Britishisms. Actually, ‘Britishisms’ is a new word to me. Is it surely not ‘Anglicisms’? Anyway. Enjoy.


Stealing good grammar

Orange 3G


I came across this Orange 3G ad, courtesy of my old buddy Mark Schulz. What an abomination. You’d think Orange would know better. Or at least have the money to hire someone who would. One simple word. Stationary. Should be an ‘e’ in that, instead of a second ‘a’. I’m sure tube travellers already suffer enough without having to endure sub-standard grammar.


‘Keep Calm…’ posters actually intensely irritating

I loved this article from The Daily Mash. Initially I was a fan of the ‘Keep Calm’ genre and even celebrated its popularity. But now it seems that anyone who can read and has an English relative is peddling some gutter aberration of the original design. It’s become a bloated sell-out, an insult to the thing that once made it appealing.

And surely it will get even worse with the impending Jubilee.

Therefore – I’ve got to say it.

Keep Calm and Fuck Off.


‘Keep Calm…’ posters actually intensely irritating




Accommodating Americanisms

This story from The Economist resonated with me. I spend a fair bit of time in the US and it’s surprisingly easy to pick up their linguistic nuances! Here’s a few examples of what I mean.|newe|11-4-2011|new_on_the_economist