Creativity ‘closely linked to mental illness’

Hmm. Am I pursuing the right career? Or is someone waiting to tell me something?
This recent BBC article suggests a strong and consistent link between creativity and a variety of mental disorders. The correlation is apparently ‘particularly strong for writers’. Time to give up the day job? Nah. Not yet.




Advice for life


I know that lots of people have written lots of things like this over the years. But I rather like this version. Seems like a pretty sound philosophy to live by.


My latest Copy Deadline

I won’t lie. It’s a shameless plug for my new short story! Out now on Amazon as a downloadable e-book, and also available from

It’s my first foray into short stories, so please let me know what you think. I have another story on the way, due out at the end of October.

Thank you for any support in advance.

View it here:



Grammar without the grind

I’m not the type to boast – and I probably wouldn’t have much to boast about if I was. But I have to say, I’m lucky in that I have a natural ability to spell words correctly. Which is useful, being a writer.

However, if you don’t share my good fortune, you could do a lot worse than use‘s guide to misspelling as a tool to brush up your P’s and Q’s. It makes grammar fun.

The Oatmeal Misspelling Guide